Have you been longing for change? I go through cycles where even though my life is all  I have wanted and there are so many blessings Im still antsy and wanting change…  Im tired or burned out or bored and crave a new beginning!

In my mind I am getting rid of everything and hoping a plane to a beach. And other times my dream is to stop everything Im doing and shave my head and get a very simple day to day job like bagging groceries or working at a book store reshelving books. Some thing that is the sameeach day and predictable. Some days I feel like Im at the end of a bungie cord being dragged down the road by a big truck. Do you have these strange fantasies too? They have cycled in me so many times at this point  I have to laugh. Being a shamanic being I am versed at reading the metaphors in the visions.

This one does not take a shaman to see there is a craving for new beginnings! I have come to know these visions as my visionary alarm clock telling me I need change. But not necessarily too big a change. I learned that years ago the hard way!  Over the years I have discovered lil changes each day can make a big change in my mind and body and whole outlook  on my life!  They look like a shift in my diet or sleep schedule or carving out some empty flow days with nothing scheduled or making long hours to craft and flow through town. Adding new exercise into my days or getting out for some social time.  Basically my creative spirit needs her time in the sun!  My body has a lil bit of a different flavor of need depending on which season it is!

The spring is a big turning point energetically and visionally. The green and the sun is so vitalizing. But it can speed life up really fast and burn us up quick! So Sister lets slow down. Spring offers us a bounty of love and support. Our job is to receive it fully, slow and steady. This Beltane 2nd quarter threshold we just crossed  through last weekend is a declaration of high spring and the tipping over onto the path to summer. Spring says to us, come on lets grow and change!

So if your craving change these days you are right on schedule! The earth is changing drastically every day!  It is really natural. So if life is getting lil too predictable then it may be time to “plants some seeds! “ Remember in the spring, seed sprout, snow turns into raging rivers, naked trees fill in with glorious greed gowns!

In the news letter link below you will find out more about the Sacred Transformational Power of Spring Beltane, some recipes and writings on this season and lil ways you can start to implement simple change as you attune to the great blessings of spring. But Hey! … if it’s time for a big shift. If its time to shave your head, sell your belongings and jump on a plane by all means, go for it! Im right here to  support  your through it!

Enjoy my Friend!