Im in love. Always in love with this time of year.

I can feel more. Hear more and be more of my self. Darkness my old friend, thank you.

As the leaves fall to the earth in the north and the winds change, the plants give way back into the roots we are changing too. Can you feel it. Its stark, raw and with a little grit sprinkled on top?

Being a crafty gal its my favorite time to snuggle in and write, craft and organize my nest. The darkness feels like a hug to me, permission to slow down and rest more. It is also my favorite time to pray.

At this time of year I feel a direct line to the great holy mother. That divine energy that unites us all. Im in love with these dark days of the year. I revere them as holy. It is  the time my heart softens and repairs and takes another lil brave leap into being more whole, healed and honest… its my time to return to myself to remember why I came here, my soul path and mission.

Dear reader… what do the holy dark days of the year do for your tender heart? What can you do to simplify, let go, slow down and take time for you and the creative side of your soul?

May these dark days of winter hold you like the womb that grew you and delivered you to earth. May it be a time of renewal and nurturing gestation of your body, heart and soul. Solstice Blessings.


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