Where are my wild ones? You know how good this feels !! But have you been caging your self inside this week? Lets make sure we keep our wild side nourished!  I believe earth time is essential to nourish our souls to keep dancing through this life heart centered to be the change we long for! And goddess knows time flys by each day and we just don’t get out with wild earth. Damn.

When we are heart broken wondering how to help the zillion things we care about … remember…

It is up to us. We gotta bring it. ! Be the Change to bring the change! 

But don’t worry we can have some wild divine sensual water splashing fun along the way. 

Its easier then you might think…. 

Try these 5 ways to rewild to be the change the world needs! 

  • Stop everything and take a walk around the block
  • Go barefoot and dip those toes into some water
  • Be a dancin fool when stress takes over
  • Pick or buy some herbs and smell them, eat them and rub them all over you
  • Eat a big veggie salad. As the saying goes, we are what we eat. 


You know we have a dance date every Saturday on zoom, right? 

And I’ve got some Sacred Bliss and Powerful Initiations coming to the temple. 

Local gals check in! Space is limited. 

So beautiful wild creatures…

What fun earth play and rituals will you feed your soul with this week!!

 Let’s prioritize this, this week!

 Im checking in on you❤️??

 I am putting all bets on you, love ! 

The change is comin … through YOU❤️?⭕️???

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