Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

Healthy Energetic Boundaries 

…in 90 Days

I’m here to help you create healthy energetic boundaries in 90 days so that you can leave the past in the past and finally step into an empowered, light-filled life you love.

You want to leave the past in the past. You want to move beyond the experiences that follow you, making you pull back when certain people get too close.

But you’re worried… what if they do that again? What if they turn against me? What if they abuse my trust?

You want to love… and you deserve to.

But the abuse of your past was a symptom of unhealthy boundaries, and it’s left you with the task of building this skill in the present, so that you can finally experience deep, fulfilling, meaningful, joyful, loving relationships.

That’s why I’m here.

Hi, I’m Ixeeya. For 15 years, I’ve helped individuals just like you to shed their pasts so that they can finally step into the life they want to live.

Now, it’s your turn.  

If you’ve…

  • Faced serious abuse in your childhood and find yourself flinching whenever someone gets mad at you in the grocery line.
  • Dealt with abandonment, or neglect, and find yourself wondering if you can trust yourself in choosing friends, loves and partners.
  • Tried setting boundaries but ended up feeling like you were just pushing people away, and want to know how to do it right?
  • Developed a habit of people pleasing and lying to avoid conflict and speaking your truth.
  • Feel like a ping pong ball and door mat with energetic overwhelm and feel taken advantage of on a regular basis.
  • If you are chronic YES person and feel bad or guilty saying NO
  • IF you feel out to lunch, out of your body and just zoned out and anxious when it comes to having important talks.

Then I’ve created a 90-day one-on-one program where you can work with me directly to uncover a NEW STRATEGY for relating where you set the boundaries you need so you can have the love, pleasure and inner peace you desire. You will learn to say a heartfelt confident NO so your YES can feel joyful and trustable. 

There was a time when I didn’t have this worked out. I struggled to open up to people, while memories of every betrayal I’d ever experienced swirled in my head. 

(It’s hard to trust yourself and get close to people when that’s happening!) 

But through meticulous process, and by applying the teachings of my sacred arts and yoga mentors and guides, I learned to clear my energy field and imprinting that was giving the world all kinds of wrong messages so I could set the healthy boundaries I needed to relax, feel, receive and thrive. I stopped experiencing one violating experience after another and could trust myself and my intuition. Its glorious!  

Now, I feel incredibly free, confident and aligned. I know I can trust myself to protect myself. I know I can trust my word and follow through with a clear conscience.  I do not have to feel like at any moment, someone or something could s pop up  and hurt me again. 

Sure, there’s always danger and disappointment  in life, but I’m prepared and have tools to work with it immediately to reset my body, mind and energy. 

Now, I want to help you achieve the same thing. We can come back to life and thrive after abuse. We can harvest wisdom from it all and transform it into personal power!

Here’s what you’ll get in my 90-day Energetic Boundaries program… 

  • Weekly 90-minute call with me where we’ll work on your current relationships and guide you to pick and choose who to set more boundaries with, and who to open up with more. 
  • My 3-step process to identify the toxic people and guides in your life, so that you can avoid the drama and pain they bring into your life. 
  • The foolproof lie detector test to know when your lying to yourself  
  • The self love movement meditation guide to release toxic stories creating tension and armoring in your body so that you can feel radically free and open to new experiences in your life. 
  • 2 Text Connect Per week to catch you in the act of living your clear boundaries to check in and get perspective to keep you on track building confidence in trusting yourself in real life. 
  • My 5 step extraction process for clearing unwanted energies and toxic emotional slime from your body so  that  you can stay feeling light, free and receptive at all times.
  • The bed time protection ritual to ensure you are sleeping undisturbed from your day, your past, spiritual intruders and clingy people and dramas from your day. 
  • A closing dance map to help you integrate and embody these teachings to make them your own and truly live them to start having a totally new empowered experience with your life and relationships


Setting boundaries takes knowing and loving yourself.

Could you stand to love yourself more? 

 It takes speaking your truth and valuing your needs and emotions.?  How is the truth- telling going in your life? 

 Imagine what your life could be and feel like when you finally learn to set the boundaries you know you need. 

The alternative is missing out on deeply fulfilling, nourishing relationships… or worse, continuing to attract the same, draining experiences and people  into your life who reenact your past traumas. 

I don’t want that for you, and I know you can do better. 

If you’re interested in living a life free from toxic people and toxic patterns… 

A life where you are able to love freely and open-heartedly, where you feel safe and confident to express yourself and your needs, knowing you’re giving your trust to the right people in a healthy way that keeps them around…


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