Dance Home, Dance Free

Dance to heal, Dance to pray

Dance to Feel  

  Embody your deepest truth. Discover the wisdom, pleasure and authentic power that lives within your body. Your Body and the Earth hold secrets, rhythms,  symboles and codes from life times of experiences to help you along your path.  Dance is the door way to access this incredible resource! 

Movement Medicine is Ancient Medicine.


Here is our Dance Map

Warm Up your body – Land in your body and the space – Set Intentions 

Flow Jouney to find the question and intention your are ready to dance with. 

Begin your Ritual Dance through the rhythms, symbols and sounds

Write or Share your Story or Message.

Closing Ritual



Is it Time To Move your Body?

1st Tues. of the month 

Womens Sensual WombDance ReUnion


Our transformational dance meets weekly

at the StarHouse Sanctuary in Boulder Colorado.

A potent temple and mountain top.

 1st week of each month is our Womens Dance.

Each week after is our CoEd Dances.