L.O.V.E. Dance 

Living Open Vital and Essential

Thru Dance

 A free form style of guided dance that moves us through the rhythms of life to rewild our love capacity to feel love for ourselves and each other.   Each LOVE Dance Journey is a unique blend and theme to discover a more authentic relationship with our body, our emotions and the tantric flow of love light connectivity from our body to all things. LOVE Dance is rooted in the premise that movement is medicine that helps us to open contraction in our body and come in to better balance with our body, heart, mind and spirit.  

LOVE  dance focuses on vital circulation and the power of love to circulate the overwhelming energies of the day to day so we feel refreshed and vital moving from our  most essential selves. 



your true essence.





and the

authentic power

to heal


 within your body.

Your Body

the Earth hold

secrets, rhythms,  

symboles and codes 

from lifetimes

of experiences to help you along your path.  


A door way to access this incredible resource! 

Movement Medicine is Ancient Medicine.


L.O.V.E Dance

Dance Home, Dance Free

Dance to heal, Dance to pray

Dance to Feel

Dance to LOVE  



Is it Time To Move your Body?

Alternating Sundays Lyons Co.

Online Lunch Break Zoom 


Our transformational dance meets in Lyons Colorado On Soul Movement Sundays at

the Mayama Studio where we alternate with other facilitators.  We also offer a mini online dose on

Wednesday over the Lunch hour, 12pm MT.