Oh what a day … Glorious! Do you know the joys of the Feminine Healing Arts? 

We gathered up at the Starhouse in Co. for this one.  Covid Safe on our own private nests.

We laughed – we cried – we celebrated life in a body. 

Most of my work these days has  been online so this is super special to be together in person. 

Feels so good.

My happy place… guiding and witnessing women release, remember, embody, empower and rise up. Each woman had her own personal breakthrough. This is how womens healing arts goes. It is personal and potent. This was all new to me up until my thirties. Now I am on a mission to make sure women and men for that matter know the healing ways of the feminine. The sooner we can all acknowledge and honor our emotions, respect and listen to our bodies and understand and live in alliship with the earth the better off we all and the earth will be!  

So a toast… Lets raise up our mugs of teas to the grand mothers who have kept this wisdom alive for us all to find it. Now its up to us to keep it alive and pass it on. I know my life changed drastically when I learned about feminine healing arts. It was the start of healing my abuse and trauma, ovarian cysts and eventually my asthma. It is a dance home to our truests wholeness.

A bow to these bodies, the earth, our wombs, ovaries and tender brave hearts! 

You Women are amazing. You men who honor women and your feminine side of self are amazing too! 

Remember we gather for global feminine embodiment glass on zoom every Sat. 

We gather again for in person in Boulder Co. for Beltane, May 2 

Sacred Bliss ~A Womens sensual celebration, full day retreat. 

Roaming the earth, earth dancing, singing drumming, making art to retrieve lost pieces of our wild selves.  Space is limited. 

Pm me to claim your space and learn more about this place to get wild, feel, flow and lay down in the tall grass and let it all go- Truly amazing what a day of rewilding can do for  your life and your body!

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