Hello, I’m Ixeeya.



My programs offer  safe creative and sacred space for womens empowerment and healing for over twenty years, as an embodiment educator, earth centered healer, doula, womens group home educator and advocate, group facilitator, sacred arts program director, art therapy, trans-denominational minister, priestess, caregiver and coach.


After decades of serving as a ceremonialist and Priestess of the Divine Feminine and touring the globe learning and sharing sacred dance and shamanic and somatic studies  I was ordained a  Transdenominational Minister at the StarHouse Temple in Boulder Co. There I serve both local and global communities in sacred embodiment through temple dance, seasonal ceremonies and plants, ceremonial arts training and the earth star connection through the body.  I have spent my life in service to the creative process of healing the mind body spirit split. I am in love with love and remain endlessly curious about the body, the dance and the energetics of what connects us all.

A big part of my training comes from  traveling the world meeting other cultures, dances and wisdom keepers to continue learning, creating and praying for a more balanced future together on our beautiful planet.


I have trained in  a variety of healing, spiritual and movement modalities but there are two that have become the root system of my spiritual practice, teachings and healings. With in these two lineages are vast timeless teachings on living whole, interconnected and in radiant wellness.  

I give humble gratitude to the Spiritual healing and bodywork of the Maya Yucateca traditions of Miss Beatrice Waight including the Abdominal womb centering practices and the Deva Dasi Sadir lineage of Bala Saraswati Bharata Natayam South Indian Temple Dance.  The Shamanic and the Somatic teachings of these 2 lineages are profound and have infused me with life times of earth centered and body centered sacred wisdom. They have left me with a deep healing practice rooted in the ancient teachings of the field of light, the source of all healing and transformation. 


It has been a wild divine journey to find my way to you here. You see, much like the the temple dancers of long ago I experienced the trials of feminine abuse and betrayal. It is what gave me the inspiration and strength in my mid 20s to step onto the path of  advocacy for the wild divine feminine and healing the broken bonds of sisterhood.  I have been through the the dark night of the soul of rape, brain injury and losing my voice and my faith, being shamed into self hatred and manipulated by both the wounded masculine and feminine.  I have walked down the paths of depression, ADHD and pulled myself out of the depth of grief when 8 of my beloveds passed in one year. I know how to unbury ourselves from the underworld and I know how to tuck ourselves into the darkness for much needed rest and care from the dark earth mother. I have learned to transmute painful experience into wisdom and find the gratitude for all our life experiences. It is never complete it is a life long commitment and practice.

And I can tell you I did not do that alone!  It is in being held and loved and held accountable to a new vision and new life of practice and possibility that we can heal and transform. This is the path of the inner priestess. It is a powerful path of transformation and service in sisterhood. And It is a pleasure for me to share it with you. 


Another path of my work is tending the sacred in the rites of passage. Some call this work spiritual midwifery for all the metaphorical births and deaths women go through to reclaim their lives, heal their lineages and create our soul work. On occasion I am invited to  assist women in actual birth of babies and deaths of loved ones and beloved animals as well. Or to Officiate a wedding union. Healing and celebration go hand and hand in women’s culture. What a celebration it is to remember- heal and transform our selves through the body with spirit and sisterhood!

Through years of circling and rites of passage programming we have gathered a fabulous  array of practices, rituals and maps to support you in finding your way into your sacred dance and earth based ritual practice to help you feel more at home in your body, to find the release and new mindsets needed  to fully embody your joy of living. Ask about our mentorship program for leaders and caretakers looking to find a deeper commitment to practice and a supportive sisterhood.


My research interests include the body and pelvic floor, womb wisdom,  feminine spirituality, yoga technology alignments, quantum physics, neuroscience, global sacred dance, folk herbalism, astrology, food as medicine, Anthropology of dance and ritual, trauma, womens lifecycles, sexuality, and intimacy. We have a lot to share and practice. 

 All Womens Wellness and Spiritual Practices are partnered with the wisdom of the earth, movement medicine, checking in with the body and prayerful intentions. That is what has guided me home and the map we honor to help you on your path whether is for a one time experience of diving deep into monitorship.


Im sure you have a million questions. I am happy to share the endless stories of where Ive been, who I am and what might be the best first step for us together. Be sure to sign up on the front page to receive your seasonal love letters and tips and below here to do a free mini consult private with me to get your most pertinent questions answered.

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I welcome you to reach out, to get started on your creative path home to remembering

who you are, heal what holds you back and transform into new possibilities.

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