Life Changing Natural Pelvic Care Methods

My Natural Pelvic Care Methods are life changing.
My Natural Pelvic Care Methods are life changing for women and the planet from period pain to toxic waters.

“So what is Natural Pelvic Care and why and how is it life changing ?

Id me wondering the same thing if I wasn’t saturated in it.

So this a culmination of many bodies of work but essentially it is healing and empowerment that is initiated at your root or womb center. It works with unwinding physical and emotional patterns and teaching you how to receive and work with healing energies of the earth and energy systems of  the rest of your body.

It is a weave of timeless indigenous wisdom, women’s spirituality as well as modern body alignment and somatic physical therapy methods. 

Why.. It is life changing because it brings you home to yourself to deeply feel the sacredness and power of your female body and teaches you how to heal your own body with out chemicals and a huge expense. We often spend years trying to “figure out what is wrong with us”  Women spend lots of money on testing and trials and expensive medical fertility interventions but usually do not tune into the physical and emotional patterning that is disrupting the pelvic floor and root center, natural pelvic care does. These patterns often imbalance the hormonal system as will as the lymph and digestion track, the immunity center. Ooo there is much to share about it all but the biggest why to me is the reconnection to your body. A true education of how your body really works.   And we dance, sing and meditate our way through it all!

How… I have seen big transformations in myself as well hmmm perhaps were up to a thousand women now? This is not a magic pill for any one ailment. Women come for lots of different reasons because when we realign the root the rest of the physical, emotional and energy bodies unwind and brighten or heal to live in full radiant health.

A few ways these healing methods have supported women… healing ovarian cysts, helping women get pregnant, building self respect and self love, understanding the sacredness of their body, building self worth and confidence, reconnecting with intuitive guidance, healing period pain, balancing hormones on and on.

I call all of this .. Feminine Restoration. 

I believe feminine restoration is essential for our times. As each of us takes responsibility for our own feminine restoration it ripples out into the world.

I am seeing incredible healing ripples into our world for global healing with each new woman or class I work with. 

Passing this work on is my service to our Earth Mother. That is how powerful it is to me. It is powerful and it is simple. It is simply returning home to the natural order with in the female body.

How do you begin with Natural Pelvic Care?

With meee! Right here on the computer! This work is so important I had to shift my local practice into a global practice so I could reach more women.

We start with 1 month. We meet one day a week via video chat and I give you a package of life and body changing practice along with audios and videos to support you succeeding.

Often starting with one on one in person women get in the mind set of coming to get fixed. Yes I can offer you some deep relief and healing but this is not my deepest calling to serve you. My deepest calling is to empower you to restore and change your life. To do this we need to empower you to  I want to know you are committed before I meet you in person.

So we start and carry on together:

  • On line right here one on one live
    • One month intro package
    • 3 month healing Jouney package
  • WOMB Dance on line class at your own pace.
  • then move to one on one in person if we can synch up in real time ( or we can continue this phase on the computer)
  • then we move into a 3 modules workshop series
  • then from there after the 3 workshop modules you are eligible to begin training with me if you are called to share this work with other women.
  • Mentoring program for leaders and facilitators of womens healing and circling

Essentially it is  Womens embodied empowerment coaching that originates at and honors a womans sacred center… her womb as our launching pad!

Coming home to your womb is coming how to full power of creation and radiance.

-Ixeeya Lin

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  1. Found you from your post about tail wagging on Susun Weed’s site. Nice colors! It’s gonna be nice to see how the site grows. Inspires me to build my portfolio site for myself. I’m procrastinating! Blessed be.

    1. Oh thank you so much!
      I am working on this sight! Appreciate your comment! This has been a hard process. My other site is up and running Blessings to you ! Ixeeya

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