Is Womens Tent 5 week  Curriculum Training For You? 

  • Are you a woman longing to love your body and put an end to emotional blocks sabotaging your dream or success?
  • Are you a creative, sensitive and spiritual woman frustrated with how fast your days speed by without getting to personal self care ? Going through start and stop cycles of personal growth and exercise feeling stuck in your body ?
  • Is self doubt and shame taking over?
  • Have you felt disconnected and ashamed of your body for so long you can remember why and when it began.
  • Are you missing you and wondering where your feminine side went?
  • Have your roles as a care giver or mother lessened and you find yourself lonely and wondering who you are now?
  • Are you feeling disconnected from your body, stiff in your hips and curious about why you feels so uninspired?
  • Have you created everything you thought you wanted in your life but feel wilted and unsatisfied still?
  • Are you a sensitive type who has taken alot of pride in doing the “right” thing for your community and family but wonder now what you really want?
  • Have you experienced abortion, miscarriage, rape, abuse or another kind of  violation when there was no support or understanding of how to get support so you did what you had to do to move on but didnt quite get time to fully process and heal ?
  • Do you have to schedule time to take off and stay home to handle painful heavy moody periods?
  • Have you been wondering why you have fibroids or cysts or irregular pap smears when you take such good care of yourself?
  • Are you are Mother whose kids are gaining independence or leaving your home and wondering how to get to know who you are and what you want now,  now that your kids don’t need you so much?
  • Have you been sexually unsatisfied for a long time, not experiencing orgasm and feeling like its just too much work to make “good” sex happen so you are starting to decide to let sex go ?
  • Are you coming of age into a new life cycle and feel a lil lost with who you are now and what it means to be a woman in this next cycle?
  • Do you hear thoughts in your mind criticizing you and derailing your productivity and dreams?
  • Have you been working so hard in the business world or mamahood that you forgot what it feels like to be a sensual, woman who enjoys her body?
  • Have you created success in your life and  biz through will force and shoulds but don’t know what the “real”  you wants now or what feminine actually means or is “suppose to” feel like?
  • Are you longing to feel inspired and a sense of deeper meaning in your life as a woman?

If you are ready to reclaim your female  body as sacred,  your femininity as a creative force of nature and your deepest longing as worth RECLAIMING then WomensTent WOMB Dance 5 week Program will get you reconnected to  body centered practices and meditations specifically for unlocking the 5 essentials for living inspired, connected to your sexual self, feeling better in your body and a true sense of feminine power.

And can I get an AMEN to transforming doubt, guilt and shame in the process!

Join in this global sisterhood to reclaim confidence and feel better in your body.
A 5 week online course that visits you everyday to help you shift patterns of self criticism, painful pelvic floor, cramps, tight low back, stiff upper back and body shame.
Learn the interconnectivity of your female body and how to unwind pain and emotions.
When you learn these new ways to move your body and how amazing your female anatomy and legacy is you won’t be able to stop dancing your happy dance.
We will be right there dancing along with you in celebration of the restored feminine essence you unleash into the world just by being the more free and inspired version of yourself !

Feel better in your body. Release emotional blocks to your feminine power.

Women Opening thru Movement and Breath…

Learn a variety of ancient dance, prana yama and earth centered meditation practices specifically for helping you open your hips, strengthen your core and pelvis and restore your feminine essence of deep feeling and receptivity. Practice truly receiving the gift of being a woman.

These practices are timeless and cross cultural shamanic support for opening into deep healing and transformation with your relationship to your body at any age.

Learn to Embody the sacred healing power of your feminine essence.

WOMB Dance gatherings are a sacred space to restore your feminine body and creative genius through your womb center. Your womb is a gateway between heaven and earth. She holds great wisdom with in her cellular memory and make up and is naturally interconnected to the intelligence of the natural world and primal intelligence.

Many shamanic and healing lineages are coming forward at this time to pass these essential teachings on to support the planet  one womb and woman at a time.

This course will introduce you to a variety of wisdom traditions and their approach to feminine restoration to stop the inner critic and activate self love, body alignment to ensure full body circulation for vital sensual health  and global healing through the gateway of your womb to transform your personal healing into  global prayer.

Awakening and illuminating your womb center  offers you a strong and supportive foundation to build your life and dreams upon.

WOMB Dance Is like a homecoming to yourself, through women’s healing dance, women’s yoga, meditation and council.

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EACH 5 week WOMB Dance Module Comes in 3 Varieties with 2 forms of payments, one time or 3x payment plan.

1 – Sister Share Weekly On- Line Gatherings with weekly assignments: Find solidarity in sisterhood. Learn and experience how sisterhood can be healing and inspire new growth and possibility. Each gathering will have a theme for unfolding body love and healing feminine trauma that holds us back as women as well as a body part we will focus on for the week to entrain new love and embodiment of our female body. Simple weekly assignments will accompany each week. You will get a womb sister to practice and share assignments with each seek.  Time commitment 3 hrs a week.

$165 or 3 payments of $65


2 – The Core Program:  that includes the sister shares, The on – line class room with video instruction, worksheets, guided audios, Sisterhood community and daily inspirational emails to support your daily practice. The Core program is for women who want to go deeper to instill personal growth and mentorship with womb centered living, sacred embodiment and change their relationship with their body and female cycles. This course will help you understand your your body and the emotions that hold you back as a woman as well as how to begin circulating to live more free as a woman.

This is a more intensive course and offers you many practices rooted in Shamanism, Womb healing and Priestessing, Yoga, Healing dance and Temple arts. This program asks for a personal commitment to show up each day for yourself and weekly for the sisterhood. Daily practice of 1/2 hour, Weekly Sisterhood practice 3 hrs. with Sundays off.  A total Commitment of 6 hours a week.

$399 or 3 payments of $153


3 –  Full Self Love Package:  Includes the SisterShare program, The whole Core Program and class room access and a private session package of 6 private sessions with Ixeeya to unwind trauma and empower your soul mission at a personal level or mentor your leadership growth. This comes with extra bonuses for each womans personal path. This Package is a 6 hour weekly commitment along with an extra 2.5 hours a week for your personal session and integration for a total of  8.5 hours a week.

$ 1599 or 3 payments of $600