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I specialize in women’s healing but do take men upon referral for abdominal work and shamanic healing. I work remotely through the internet and live video chat as well as locally as I tour and create healing huts for personal session work. 

I also work with Couples interested in learning the pelvic floor work  and ritual to share in this to build intimacy and support each others health practices. 



– Shamanic Extraction and Soul Retrieval : Keep your field and body clear and vital with shamanic methods of releasing unneeded energy and bringing back vital essence. Amazing


– Shamanic Womb Care:

Great if your want to have a deeper connection to your female body and spirit, need support with fertility and your blood cycle ( relieving pain and irregularity)



Helps to integrate womb massage and open up your hips and creative life force.


– Yoni steams:

Wonderful for balancing the ph of the yoni and relaxing tight muscles and ligaments as well as supporting healthy flow of your blood. Can support yeast infections and dryness.


– Holistic Pelvic Care: Helps open tension and heal trauma at the root.


– Somatic Council: Great for working through a personal growth threshold or negative habit patterns.


 Access Bars Sessions: Great for overwhelm and trauma.


Holy Fire Reiki Session:  Very relazing. Helps to reduce stress and restore balance to the nervous system.




– Spiritual coaching/ Priestess training:

When its time to pay attention to more then just the physical and you need support learning tools, reading signs and understanding the mythical spiritual ritual art of life. Or when your sacred mission is calling your and your need help hearing the next steps.


– Temple Dance Yoga: When energy is releasing and revving up its time to start a daily practice. Asana and Movement meditation is key in my world!


– Ceremonial for sacred living and psychic clearing

( energetic tending) for home, land, rites of passage:

Some times the land we live on or are traveling through or our own home just feels disconnected and not in a supportive flow. Many times this has to do with entities, stuck energy, spiritual lines getting crossed or our own personal fears activating the space. If this is the case doing Home and Land spiritual/ energy care can be really helpful. I clear the field to help you feel more relaxed and at home and often receive a message for you and a lil RX to work on to keep the attunement in place.

Rites of passage are a way to mark human thresholds. Creating ritual for these moments can help experience closure and gratitude for where you have been and create and envision the path ahead with clear intentions. A great way to prepare yourself for change.


-Doula Care:

Prenatal and Postpartum support. Placenta preparation. I offer Doula care for women who have been working with me through the womb work and feminine restoration or if there is a connection through community. I like to offer Doula Care  in the traditions it was always held as a village art. 


Available for Guest Speaking, Teaching and Facilitation.


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