Meet Ixeeya

head shot agaist tree

Hello beautiful being,

My name is Ixeeya Lin.

I am a Coach and Priestess of the shamanic earth centered and yogic traditions.

Here for feminine restoration and sacred union.

I am here to support you on your journey and to be a guide to those ready to step into leadership.

I practice, live and teach the way of the womb to help you transform and harvest wisdom and power from your pain, challenge and trauma.

Who do I work with ?


  • Women insearch of inner peace and pleasure
  • Women wanting to have a more empowered and loving experience in there body.
  • Women wanting to learn about the womens mysteries
  • Womens feeling lonely and lost, tired and wilted
  • Women wanting to conceive a baby or a career that is not happening.
  • Women having visions and downloads about temple dancers and ancient sister circles and need more information and support.
  • Women wanting to heal their mother wound to trust love and sisterhood again.
  • Women wanting to heal their father wound to trust men and relationship in their lives.
  • Brain injured folks looking for some practices and answers to reduce brain fog and embrace the gifts of the brain they now have.
  • Women who want to release blocks to bodily pleasure and sexual freedom.
  • Men who want to understand the wild wise feminine within and within their partners.
  • Men needing to heal the masculine global guilt wound
  • Men needing help with digestion, self worth, confidence, errectile disfunction, low back pain.
  • Leaders wanting to bring embodiment and the sacred into your work
  • Entrepreneurs needing to push the pause button to recalibrate
  • Women wanting to release shame and doubt and heal violation
  • Women ready to start your path as a womb priestess
  • Women wanting mentorhsip with healing circles, new moon / redtent facilitation and ceremonialy.

I support people coming into alignment with their full power, we call

” Anthropos” or ” Divine Human Self” through sacred practice… dance and shamanic healing practices, ritual.

My focus with both women and men is the root / pelvic floor, womb consciousness and reconnection with earth energy.

I have found these 3 elements are vital to human potential and often out of balance in most modern folks.

Basically I want to support you becoming the best version of yourself and help you celebrate your life!

In essence it is emotional and spiritual fitness.

No matter how much success or dreams we make happen in our lives, without emotional and spiritual fitness there is no satisfaction or enjoyment of any of it.

I believe our humanity is a pathway to divinity.

So we begin through what is happening in your life right now.

I have studied and practiced many esoteric practices, healing modalities and sacred dance forms that hold so many nuggets of wisdom to help us modern folks break the code to living in our fullest most radiant way.

What does this mean for each of us in our day to day lives?

It means we feel better in our bodies, we are clear and relaxed in our minds.

We feel vital and inspired and we feel supported and part of something bigger then the isolation of our separate selves.

Being the divine human is living in full radiance and connection with the light of the power of heaven and earth.

We begin at our root. The pelvic floor and our connection with the earth.

We begin with the way of the womb. Creating a field of Deep presence, interconnectivity and unconditional love.


Who am I and where have I been?

What has lead me to this life of modern priestessing, shamanic empowerment ¬†and healing dance…

I began my journey at a very young age with psychic tendencies. I gravitated to a visionary world and was nourished by the arts and sacred rituals of the catholic traditions.

My childhood was turbulent surrounded by young adults who did not have time to understand such an odd and demanding child.

This lead me down a life path of questioning. What was all that misunderstood energy and vision. What was all that angst and frustration about. And how can I become an adult who could understand and support children and adults feeling the isolation of  misunderstanding that comes from living in a split world that refuses to acknowledge the interconnectivity and energy as part of our existence?

So off to college where I studied:

  • Visual Art as an expressive release of visions and emotions. Unlocking the impossible through classical education of form and expression. When the drawing process is not limited by what feels unreachable it begins to be a tunnel straight to the soul.
  • World Religions to understand this human need and longing for more, for connection and answers to that eternal question, ” Why are we here”
  • Psychology to begin to sort and sift through the endless cycles of thought that consumed my mind excessively. I was on a mission to understand the mind and why isolation, why fear and emotion, why the endless battles of ego.
  • Dance to quench the outstanding thirst my body had to move the energy of lifetimes of trauma and to learn the first steps in understanding the body as an energy bridge.

It was an exciting time. This time set the stage for the rest of my life. It set in motion my antropological mind. It set in motion the understanding of what was to eventually become known to me as the shamanic lens.

College was an active time. I dove in and ate at this buffet like a starved child.

I stepped into leadership.

I found my path and place in this world.

And this path was not one that was carved out into a neat clear paved road.

It was an off road, bush wack path that at times had me wondering if I was lost and full of shit. Through brain injuries, care accidents, attacks, dancing on temples, traveling the world, body collapse, sacred celebration and initiation. Ups and downs of a human life.

Luckly the dance, my paintings and the next dear teacher or student were always there to remind me of true north and the undeniable clarity of my path.

Today at 46 I have 4 decades of experience of walking the shamanic path to you.

It is a glorious mess being human. I have come to understand this glorious mess as our sacred soul mission.

If I can help you heal and learn from your wild life, instill new vision of what is really here and available for you and steer you on your path I am here to hold you in the glorious mess of your soul path of becoming who you cam here to be and to infuse it with sacred vision, embodied delight and creative celebration.

The list of careers and practices that lead me here to you…¬†

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Camp Coordinator, Fashion Illustrator, Art Therapist Elder Care, Waitress, Muralist, Painter, Gallery Attendent, Process Painting Instructor, Movement Healing Guide, Artist in Residence Public School Arts programing, Social Worker, Healing arts programer for disabilities, MS care giver, Autism Horse Guide, Abroad Village Out Reach Coordinator and teacher, Womens Drum Circle Guide, Conference Speaker, Shamanic Healer, Sacred Dancer, Choreographer, Touring Gypsy Ritual Rock Dancer, ASC New Moon Program Coordinator, Priestess Path facilitator and Initiator, Dance Teacher, Art teacher, Yoga Instrutor, Cancer Care Giver, Temple Dance Instructor, Brain Injury after care Specialist, Shamanic Arts Teacher, Doula birth assistant, Death Doula, Ceremonialist, Fire Keeper, Abdominal Womb Healer, Womens Healing Arts Practitioner, Shamanic Bodyworker, Fold Herbalist, Shamanic Trainer, Womb Care Trainer, Sexuality and Intimacy Guide, Sacred living Coach, Embodiment Coach, Corporate Sunshine Program Guide.

Founder and Creator Programs: Gypsy Home Spa, Womens Tent, Embodied Woman, Roots and Wings, CORE, WOMB Dance, SpandaRupa Dance, Way of the Womb, Return of Wild Feminine, Dance New Earth.

My inspiration, healing, training and global education comes from amazingly generous, powerful and humble humans in a variety of locations and modalities. I have deep gratitude and reverence for them all. And wow I could not come close to naming them all. But here is a few.

USA, India, Guatemala, Belize, Hawaii, Mexico, Fiji, Czech Republic, Budapest, England, Italy, Spain, Australia.

Ann Drucker, AumRak Sapper, Lila Tresemer, Sofia Diaz, Beatrice Weight, Betsy Bergstrom, Sandra Ingerman, Tami Lyn Kent, TaTa Pedro, David Tresemer, Rachel Brice, Shamala, Laurissa Vabutti, Richard Freeman, Yogi Bhajan, Anastatia Nutt, Melissa Michaels, David Daida, Adi Da, Chetna, Michael Herner, Rossita Arvigo, Adi Shanti, Chamela, Jeffery Dann, Sage Hamilton, Susan Weed, The Womens Temple, Sister Max, Dee Moulton.